Earth within reach

… for builders
… for learners
… for contractors and employers
… for trainers and teachers
… for training providers at any level
… for certifying bodies


If I say “rammed earth” or “cob” or “adobe”, do you know what I’m talking about?


Yes? Great, then welcome aboard:

  • Come and discover how a group of Europeans, passionate earth builders and trainers have been discussing their earth building techniques, using 12 languages, and produced tools to train-up earth construction practice.
  • Our work: Lifelong Learning, mobility, EQF & ECVET in earth building
  • Your opportunities: Who is ECVET Earth building for?


No, you don’t? O.k.! Welcome on board too:

  • We will open new horizons, connecting the past to the future with a natural building material as common as wood but almost completely ignored: Earth, magical stuff to build with.
  • Our work: Lifelong Learning, mobility, EQF & ECVET in earth building
  • Your opportunities: Who is ECVET Earth building for?

Earth builders all know: once you’ve touched it, it can fascinate you for the rest of your life – that’s just the way it works. That’s why we invite you to come a little bit closer, dive into this webportal – earth is within reach!


Sharing and acquiring earth building skills

This webportal is the showcase of a community of practice implementing ECVET since 2007: our experience gained through many European funded mobilities  is worth sharing!

We offer free download of learning and teaching materials in the sustainable construction sector.

Tools and promotional material in many languages, resulting from over a dozen European projects funded under Leonardo da Vinci programs, are accessible here for you.

The products have been developed and are being used by people and organisations in earth construction and training  all over Europe, they’ve been cooperating since 2002.

If you need more guidance, contact the national or regional earth building associations close to you.



The handbooks I to IV are outdated. The matrix and names of the units have changed. The units have been extended from clay plaster to load bearing techniques. The content of the handbooks has been transferred to this web portal.

>> All the tools of handbooks III and IV are available as separate files for easier use and access.

>>All the texts have been reviewed and distributed on the different pages of the present website. Discover!

The web portal addresses all the users of ECVET Earth building: learners, trainers, training organisations, certifying bodies. It will present for download three types of documents, in all languages available:

The ECVET Earth building units of learning outcomes, including for each unit:

  • unit sheet (knowledge, skills, competence) at different levels
  • criteria and indicators at different levels
  • assessment sheet recording the result of the practical, written and oral exam for one unit and for one candidate
  • assessor worksheet used to note the scores for several candidates during practival assessment
  • texts, videos and pictures illustrating the tasks covered by the unit


Other tools, mainly meant to help with the organisation of mobility and of exams. Most of these tools were in the ECVET Earthbuilding Handbooks I-IV and can be downloaded as separate documents:

  • observers’ sheets, checklists for trainers, for assessors, for assement organisers, templates for certificates, pre and after exam questionnaires, instructions for assessors and VET providers, documents and contracts for preparing ECVET exam in mobility, glossaries for mobility…

Promotional material with explanations in different languages, used for dissemination:

  • flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, articles, newsletters, powerpoints, etc.

Additionally there will be documents related to the MoU Partnership Contract: the signed contracts, documents related to the application procedure and a linklist to :

  • The partner organisations
  • Training materials in Earth Building
  • Video clips describing the ECVET Earthbuilding
  • Literature lists
  • The ECVET Earth Building certificates database

Our network can’t provide a dynamic agenda with  updated training and assessment offers. But the site does inform about the MoU partners authorized to issue Learn•Earth certificates and the list of units and levels offered by each organization.

ECVET Earth building 

…is a tool box for new job competence in the greenbuilding sector

…is a guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

… is a multi-level training standard, agreed on by the leading earth building organisations in 9 countries

… is a set of Units of learning outcomes speciallly designed for earth building skills

… provides a methodology for the assessment of existing individual competence in Earth building

… has been tested in different contexts in12 countries

… has been designed to allow further developments

… has started to be disseminated beyond Europe


… is a community of practice

… is the name of our Memorandum of Understanding MoU which defines our agreed rules for assessing earth building learning outcomes

… is the name of the Certificates we deliver

A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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