Assessments methods

The form of assessment is chosen by the organiser and depends on several factors, most of them linked to the training itself:

  • level,
  • duration of training,
  • place of training (building site or workshop),
  • type of group (mixed or homogenous group of trainees regarding level of practice),
  • payment and costs.


ECVET Earth building assessment must always have a practical, an oral and a written part. All three parts are compulsory to assess trainees and deliver Learn•Earth certificates. Apart from this rule, the Learn•Earth Memoradndum does not impose any fixed form of exam, there is no fixed methodology for the three parts nor is there a specified order. Skills, competence and knowledge can be assessed on different days.

Competence is assessed in the oral exam, skills in the practical exam and knowledge in the written exam. Experience since 2009 has shown that these separations are not too strict. For instance, the oral exam also deals with knowledge; during the practical exam the assessors also collect information about competence; oral exam can assess point missed in the written or practical exams.


A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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