Practical Exam

The practical exam concerns the skills (cognitive and practical) and competence (responsibility and autonomy) of learners. It allows the assessor to evaluate their ability to fulfil the required tasks. The tasks requested should be appropriate to the unit and the level of the exam. The assessors decide the duration of the practical exam.

Practical exams can use workshop exercises, or site situations.

Different activities can be assessed depending on the workshop or building site conditions. However ALL the ECVET Earth building criteria and ALL the indicators MUST be used. If some of the Indicators are not covered by the practical exam, then the assessor must make sure to ask about these indicators in the oral exam.

This is a consensus resulting from long discussions about the comparability of assessment run by different partners.

It is the responsibility of the assessors to choose the appropriate work task for the examined level, and to assess competence by observation and technical discussion.


It is important to prepare the learners for assessment, encouraging self-assessment regarding their own level, objectives and projects. This helps the candidates to be ready for the constraints of the exams.

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