Written Exam

The written exam concerns knowledge (theoretical and factual). It may be multiple choice, closed, open or graphic questions. Assessors are free to build the written exam so that it best reflects the candidates’ knowledge of the unit and level to be tested. The length of the written exam, in terms of duration or number of questions, may vary.


Recommendations regarding the length and mix of question types according to level

Time is set for an exam of twenty questions.

a = decision question: answer = yes/no, right/wrong, multiple choice
b = closed question, only one answer is expected: answer = enumeration of terms or facts
c = open question, requires a description (e.g. of a technique) or an opinion or justification (e.g. of a choice): answer = sentence
d = graphic question: answer = drawing, illustration





The knowledge required for each unit is described by a list of topics. This list is very similar for all levels. At the lower levels, some topics are removed or restricted and at the higher levels (L5+L6) they are summarised in more global way.

Despite the similarity in wording, there is of course a difference in theoretical and factual knowledge between the levels. It lies in the breadth and depth of knowledge and in the understanding of interactions.


Instructions for the assessment of knowledge




Question pool

A pool of questions is available to the assessor to create an original questionnaire for each exam session. Only Learn•Earth partners have access to this question pool.

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