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We are addressing all who like the idea of building with earth, whether young or old, experienced or a beginner, and those for whom access to training is difficult.

ECVET Earthbuilding trainings and assessments are open to any person wishing to train or to get her earth building skills recognised:

  • Young people in vocational training
  • Craftsepeople, artisans, companies
  • Students
  • Adults retraining



You receive a Learn•Earth certificate if you successfully pass an assessment of your knowledge, skills and competence in one of the fields covered by the ECVET Earth building units.




Learners may use ECVET Earth building units to

  • map out their personal learning pathway, with or without mobility between learning contexts or countries
  • get validation of their learning outcomes gained through practical experience, in a learning or a working experience
  • transfer the validated outcomes from one learning context to another
  • collect evidence of competence to show employers

Employers i.e. green building companies, decorators, earthen material producers, conservation offices, sustainable construction material suppliers, etc. may use ECVET Earth building units to

  • analyse a job candidates competence
  • describe a job offer by expected learning outcomes
  • upgrading training
  • offer employees mobility
  • participate as assessor in exams



Assessments according to the ECVET Earth building units of learning outcomes may be offered and taken

  • in direct relation to an initial or a continuous training or education
  • independently of a training activity
  • within the frame of national qualifications or not
  • during a mobility

In the case of a mobility, one or several units can be included in the learning agreement.

A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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