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For training providers and certifying bodies makers: We show you that it IS possible to fully integrate earth as a construction material into your training, occupational standards and competence lists.


About our partnership 
On Oct. 13th 2009 ten organisations – training providers and NGOs from 4 countries (Bulgaria, France, Germany and United Kingdom) met in Schwerin/Germany to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding – LearnWithClay Partnership Contract”. The partners of the newly founded LearnWithClay Partnership are entitled to issue ECVET Earth building certificates according to the ECVET Earth Building handbook. 
There was a 1st amendment accepting three more partners (from France, Czech Republic and Slovakia, signed in 2010/11) and a 2nd amendment accepting one more new partner, from Italy, signed in 2011/12. 
So to date fourteen organisations, from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and the United Kingdom have signed this partnership contract. The ECVET Earth Building certificates are thus used in seven european countries and are recognised by all the partners. This opens the door for european wide validation and transfer of learning achievement in the earth building sector. Since 2009, when the first certificates were delivered, more than 250 people – young people, craftspeople, unemployed people, people with migrant backgrounds, people in initial and continuous VET – obtained one or several certificates : life- long and trans-european learning in earth building has been a reality for a long time, the ECVET earth building certificates make it visible. The partners now

expect future collaboration to widen the ECVET Earth building remit to include load bearing earth construction techniques, which is an important challenge for sustainable building in Europe.

We encourage any training provider interested in our ECVET to contact one of the LearnWIthClay partners and to apply for admission to the partnership memorandum.


A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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