The units

The main tools are the units of learning outcomes. They may be used both
– as a framework to define your teaching content;
– as a competence standard to define an assessment.

For teaching:
– The list of knowledge operates as a table of topics to be addressed so that the learners get the theoretical background and understanding necessary to execution and to decision making for earth specific issues. Other general knowledge issues might be inherent to the skills and not specifically named in the knowledge list.
– The list of skills precisely names the tasks a person is expected to be able to do. In an assessment, not each item can be tested but during training the learners should be given the opportunity to practice them all.
– The list of competence defines complex sets of duties a person is expected to be able to plan, organise and execute with a given degree of autonomy (according to the level).

A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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