What considerations have led us towards the development of an ECVET system for Earth Building? Why do we wish to present earth building qualifications as a system of smaller units?


ECVET Earth Building, with defined units of learning outcomes and the associated criteria and indicators, can contribute towards the promotion of a high technical quality standard in European Earth Building.

In addition to this, mobility would not be an option if one had to complete the entire vocational training

abroad – only a small number of people would be able to go to another country for three years. But when the training is subdivided into several smaller learning units, mobility is much easier

to achieve. And trainees always have the opportunity to attend the Earth Building sites or schools

which are best suited to their vocational emphasis and their specialisation, and there to acquire transferable certificates for their learning outcomes.

ECVET Earth Building can also open doorsin the integration of Earth Building into vocational training. The threatened climate catastrophe has significantly increased interest in, and awareness of, the necessity for sustainable Building techniques. It is not essential to produce an entire new training course for Earth Building. Existing training courses and qualifications in the construction sector are opening up to sustainable Building methods and, with ECVET Earth Building, have the opportunity to develop these subjects. Similarly, new and existing qualifications in the sustainable Building sector can incorporate selected individual ECVET Earth Building units.

A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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