Candidates and Tests

Can a person achieve level 3 or 4 without practice ?

No. There must be provision somewhere for practice. The training providers can set a date for later, after the course, to assess those who think they are ready. Assessment could also be once a year in each country, in a place where testing can be carried out.

Is there a strict minimum length of time in practice ?

No. In the ECVET process, we look at the output; it is not about ‘what I have taught you’ (input). The learning outcomes are as a result of training courses, and other personal and work experiences. How long it takes, or the path followed to achieve a certain level is not important, but the achievements required to gain a certificate for a given unit of learning outcomes are important, and are clearly described in the ECVET Earth building Handbook Part II.


Can a candidate attend an exam session without having attended a course ?

Yes, this is possible, but the decision is made by the assessment organiser not by the candidate themselves.
It must be clear what the requirements for the exams are, and that an ECVET Earth building assessment always consists of a combination of a practical, a written and an oral exam. So to practice skills is not enough. The theoretical knowledge is partially available in the CD « Clay plaster », which can be studied by the candidates, although this material has been expanded and developed for trainers.

Can a person mix the level 3 skills with the level 4 knowledge for instance ?

No. We cannot deliver a level 4 certificate if a person has achieved a lower level in skills.

Can one exam session aim at delivering different levels to different people ?

Yes. But this means that the organiser of the assessment must prepare different tasks for the practical exam and different questions for the written and oral exams. Ideally, there are several assessors, one for each level.

Very importantly, the level a candidate is assessed to has to be decided BEFORE the exam (read also: « assessor guidelines » and « organiser check-list »). The candidates have to be made aware of what they are being tested on, and the level and ability they must achieve.

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