Learn•Earth partners

13 organisations have signed the revised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2015.
4 organisations have entered the MoU in 2019,
2 organisations have entered the MoU in 2022.

They are entitled to issue Learn•Earth certificates.

They may deliver Learn•Earth certificates after ECVET Earth building assessments they have sent assessors to and helped an organism, who did not yet sign the MoU, with organising the exams.

Czech Republic 

SHS – Sdružení hliněného stavitelství z.s.
MoU Organisation N° 1

Czech earth building association and training center

Address Porici 273/5
63900 Brno
Telephone/fax +420 604208111
E-mail info@hlina.info
Website http://www.hlina.info/


MoU Organisation N° 16

Address Mooste Mõisa tall-tõllakuur
Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste alevik
Põlvamaa 64616 Eesti
Telephone/fax +372 56 226 066
E-mail tere@eestimaaehitus.ee
Website http://eestimaaehitus.ee/


AsTerre – Association nationale des professionnels de la terre crue
MoU Organisation N° 7

The French umbrella organisation, founded in 2006, promotes companies which are active in Earth Building and offers them a platform for the exchange of ideas. The membership of specialists from other professions, such as e.g. planners and training organisations, enables the creation of comprehensive projects for vocational training and the recognition of Earth Building technologies.

Address 700 rue de la Pierre d’Etat
76650 Petit Couronne
Telephone +33 (0)6 47 00 55 26
E-mail info@asterre.org
Website www.asterre.org

Centre de formation Batipole en Limouxin
MoU Organisation N° 8

Training center for ecological building

Address Zone industrielle
11300 Saint Martin de Vellereglan
Telephone/fax +33 (0)4 68 31 32 15
E-mail accueil@batipolelimouxin.com
Website www.batipolelimouxin.com


MoU Organisation N° 2

Qualifies unemployed women in the sectors of ecological Building, Earth Building and the preservation of monuments, and trains female joiners. The association initiates hands-on social building projects in disadvantaged city areas for children, young people and adults with or without a background of migration.

Address Lehderstrase 108
13086 Berlin
Telephone/fax +49 (0)30 920 921 76
E-mail post@baufachfrau-berlin.de
Website www.baufachfrau-berlin.de

Berufiches Schulzentrum Leipziger Land
MoU Organisation N° 3

Vocational school for dual training, offers trainees in masonry/bricklaying and painting the option of an Earth Building qualification within their practical trade instruction and plans the development of a competence centre for Earth Building.

Address Rothaer Strasse
04564 Böhlen
Telephone/fax +49 (0)34206 7 55 90
E-mail stammschule@bsz-leipziger-land.de
Website www.bsz-leipziger-land.de
Contact person Dietmar Schäfer

EBL gGmbH – Europäische Bildungsstätte für Lehmbau Wangelin gGmbH  since 2021 (before  FAL e.V. – European School OF Earth buiding)
MoU Organisation N° 4

The Association for the promotion for economically and ecologically adequate conditions of life which is based in Mecklenburg, combines employment market requirements with sustainable regional development. Building on the local tradition of clay and brick construction, FAL e.V. initiated the Lehm+Backsteinstrasse (clay and brick street) with the focal points of the Clay Museum, Wangeliner Garden and European School for Earth Building.

Address Dorfstr. 27
19395 Ganzlin OT Wangelin
Telephone/fax +49 (0)38737 2 02 07
E-mail anfrage@lernpunkttlehm.de
Website www.lernpunktlehm.de

Knobelsdorff-Schule, Oberstufenzentrum Bautechnik I, Berlin
MoU Organisation N° 5

Technical college
– Young people are qualified for earth building techniques in a vocational preparation year. These pupils run their own earth building company.
– Trainees in wood and Building protection, masonry crafts and preservation of monuments (Technical Assistant) complete a one-week earth building foundation course.

Address Nonnendammallee 140-143
13599 Berlin
Telephone/fax +49 (0)30 33503-0
E-mail kontakt@knobelsdorff-schule.de
Website www.knobelsdorff-schule.de

MoU Organisation N° 6

LehmbauKontor Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. since 2021 no longer partner of MoU

Netzwerk Naturbau since 2021 (before Lehmwerk e.V.)
MoU Organisation N° 14

Address c/o Sven Hänichen Am Treptower Park
12435 Berlin
Telephone/fax  +49 (0)176 56331474
E-mail kontakt@netzwerknaturbau.de
Website https://netzwerknaturbau.de/


ANAB – Associazione nazionale architektura bioecologica
MoU Organisation N° 9

Address Via Cipro n. 30
25124 – Brescia
Telephone/fax +39 342 5610454
E-mail info@anab.it
Website www.anab.it


Centro da terra
MoU Organisation N° 15

The ‘Centro da Terra’ association is a forum for exchange on earth building techniques, materials, construction and architecture.

CdT promotes research, training, documentation,  dissemination, conservation, regulations in the field of earth construction.
CdT holds, promotes or sponsors conferences, courses, seminars, colloquia, exhibitions, debates and study visits.
CdT participates working groups and cooperates with similar entities, both national and foreign.
CdT organizes regular meetings for the presentation, by associates or not, of scientific or practical works, related to the theme of earth construction or others considered relevant.

Address Associação Centro da Terra (CdT)
Biblioteca Municipal Manuel da Fonseca / Centro de Documentação Teresa Beirão
Rua Eng. Costa Serrão 25
7540-185 Santiago do Cacém
Telephone/fax +351934293061
E-mail info@centrodaterra.org
Website http://centrodaterra.org/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/associacao.centro.da.terra/


WUT – Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara
MoU Organisation N° 19

Address Boulevard Vasile Parvan, no. 4,
300223 ,Timisoara, Timis, Romania,
Telephone/fax +40 737 468 322
Website https://www.uvt.ro/ro/


KFZ – Klub finih zanata
MoU Organisation N° 20

Address Svetozara Miletića 113
21245 Mošorin, Serbia
Telephone/fax +38 1649653269
E-mail zemljanarhitektura@gmail.com
Website https://zemljanarhitektura.com/


MoU Organisation N° 10

Address Ekocentrum ArTUR
Hrubý Šúr 237
903 01 Senec
Telephone/fax +421 (0)905 514 725
E-mail ozartur@gmail.com
Website www.ozartur.sk

Hoblina t.c
MoU Organisation N° 11

Address Somolickeho 1,
811 05 Bratislava
Telephone/fax +421 (0)903 688 119
E-mail hoblina@gmail.com
Website www.hoblina.szm.sk


Estudios Sobre Tierra: Energía, Patrimonio y Ambiente
(Studies on Earth: Energy, Heritage and Environment)

MoU Organisation N° 17

ESTEPA was created in 2007, and has ever since been developing the objectives and activities described in its Statute (see website): earth building training in different techniques (adobe, rammed earth, cob, CEB, plasters), recovery of traditional heritage, earthen community equipment, research and testing of low-cost natural materials innovations. Different kinds of activities have been addressed to a wide variety of public aged from 2 to 80, amateur and professional, technical or/and socially-based; in about 10 different cities and towns in Spain, but also in UK, Argentina and Senegal until now.

Calle Real 1B
Gordoncillo 24294
+34 652 501080
www.estepa.org https://m.facebook>estepa


United Kingdom

MoU Organisation N° 12

Address Sedum Cottage, Owen Street, Pennar,
Pembroke Dock, SA72 6SL
Telephone/fax +44 (0)7736904186
E-mail info@strawbuild.org
Website www.strawbuild.org

SNaB – The School of Natural Building since 2022 (before Straw Works)
MoU Organisation N° 13

Address Hollinroyd Farm,
Todmorden OL14 8RJ
Telephone/fax +44 (0)772 071 6589
E-mail schoolofnaturalbuilding@gmail.com
Website www.schoolofnaturalbuilding.co.uk


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