Presentation of the units

There are 9 different units of learning outcomes, covering 9 major activities of the earth construction sector. These activities can either be seen

  • as different tasks that occur during an earth building project, and that one or different persons will realise
  • or as economic activities on their own, one of which a specific company may focus on (for example only production of earth building materials or only decorative plasters)

Each unit has been described as a list of knowledge, skills and competence (level of autonomy and responsibility), for different 5 different levels. Therefor the list of all the units forms a matrix.

Current limits of the matrix:

  • Built elements of light clay and wattle and daub are not yet integrated in this matrix.
  • The knowledge, skills and competence of levels 6 and 7 (engineers and architects) have not been described yet either.
  • Unit for Interior design D and Decorative techniques O mainly apply to clay plaster, even if there are many creative possibilities in building also.
  • Unit formwork F has been developed mainly based on rammed earth, but is meant to be extended to also apply to cob and light clay.
  • Unit production P refers to bricks and small blocs mainly, but it could easily be extended to include production lines for prefabricated rammed earth or cob, as well as for panels.


A guide to earth building training in Europe and beyond

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