Unit C : Application of clay plaster

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In modern Earth Building, the processing of clay plaster is is similar to that of conventionalplaster. The first job is to assess the substrate, prepare it if necessary so that good plaster adhesion is assured with the  appropriate selected plaster mix. Different types of plastered surface can be produced. Clay plasters can be flicked on with the trowel, smoothed on with a float or sprayed on with plastering machines

as normally used by the trade. The use of plaster silos is also possible. The safe operation of the

machines and devices forms the basis for the correct application of

clay plasters. Details of the technical fittings, services, connections and edges, must be

considered during the work. There is also the responsibility for control and monitoring, checking for adherence to applicable standards and regulations of the site work .

To achieve this Unit requires practical skills in the following areas, according to her/his level. The level reflects a greater or lesser degree of knowledge, and ability to use more or less autonomy :

  • Evaluation and preparation of plaster backgrounds
  • Protection of adjoining surfaces
  • Choice of a plaster structure
  • Application of the different plaster layers
  • Use of bonding layers and reinforcing mesh
  • Use of tools and machines for application
  • Surface finishes, effects resulting from different tools and elapsed time Detailing
    • relating to the morphology of the surface (joins, junctions, corners)
    • relating to second fix (pipes and conduit)
  • Drying time, work stages, organisation of work, security
  • Quality of the execution, required standards of finished plaster quality, tolerance


This unit concerns all types of backgrounds and all types of plaster. At lower levels, the person is able to carry out instructions. At level 4, the professional is able to plan, organise and execute the whole process of applying clay plaster, and supervising the work done by a team of craftspeople.

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