Unit D : Interior design

Currently assessed for clay plaster techniques only and available for the EQF levels

L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
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Traditional, handcoloured clay plasters have been joined  by industrially-manufactured

high quality clay plasters.Interior design with clay plasters, clay colours  and brush renders have gained in popularity. Producing good design solutions requires a broad and detailed knowledge of colour and room design. This includes knowledge of the effects of colours and contrasts, the influence of light, of surface division and accents, as well as options for the treatment of surfaces. From draft

stage to completion, plasterers can extend their field of activity in a creative direction, by making

or varying mixtures themselves using colour or texture enhancing additives.

To achieve this Unit requires practical skills in the following areas, depending on her/his level. The level reflects more or less knowledge and autonomy :

  • Development of an interior design concept using different parameters (varying colour, texture, thickness, surface finishes)
  • Work out and produce coloured finish plasters of different intensities, texture and grain size
  • Sample boards and sample wall panels
  • Selection, gauging and sourcing of constituents
  • Execution of decorative surfaces in a room according to the project
  • Work stages, advice to the client, organisation and security
  • Project quality

This unit covers the growth in skills of a craftsperson from simple application to expressing aesthetic qualities of decoration with clay plaster. The aim is to create new plaster mixes, beginning with products, raw earth or clay powders, and to combine different surface finishes.

At the lower level, the person is able to prepare samples or wall panels according to instructions and the decoration plan. At level 4, the professional is able to plan, organise and carry out the whole process from design to execution, as well as to coordinate the work done by a team of craftspeople, in consultation with the client.



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