What is EQF ?

The EQF is a framework to compare qualifications beyond national systems, according to eight reference levels ranging from basic Level 1 to advanced Level 8. It applies to all types of education, training and qualifications, from school education to academic, professional and vocational.

In the construction sector Levels 3 and 4 apply to workers taking responsibility for completion of tasks (L3) and exercising self-management (L4), in usually predictable contexts. Levels 5 – 6 apply to supervisors managing technical activities, responsible for decision-making in unpredictable contexts. The design work of architects and engineers belongs to level 7.

The EQF has been set up in 2008 and is in use since 2010.

“The EQF is a common European reference framework which links countries’ qualifications systems together, acting as a translation device to make qualifications more readable and understandable across different countries and systems in Europe. It has two principal aims: to promote citizens’ mobility between countries and to facilitate their lifelong learning. (..). The EQF recognises that Europe’s education and training systems are so diverse that a shift to learning outcomes is necessary to make comparison and cooperation between countries and institutions possible.”

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